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domingo, 29 de maio de 2011

Delta e American - novos voos em Manaus

Após encerrar suas operações em janeiro último, a Delta Air Lines fez nova solicitação ao DOT, órgão americano que regulamenta o transporte aéreo, para retomar os voos para Manaus na rota ATL-MAO. Além da DL a American Airlines também solicitou 4 frequências semanais na rota MIA-MAO utilizando Boeing 737-800:

Proposta da Delta para retorno a MAO:

Delta seeks seven frequencies in 2011, so that it can provide daily nonstop service between Atlanta and Manaus. Delta’s service will provide the first U.S. flag competition to Manaus, which is served nonstop from the U.S. only by Brazil’s TAM. Atlanta is well situated in the Southeastern United States to provide convenient, competitive, and non-circuitous Manaus connections throughout the United States.

DL487 ATL 1655 - 0037+1 MAO - 73G - DAILY
DL488 MAO 0130 - 0720+1 ATL - 73G - DAILY

Proposta American para MAO:
● 4 frequencies to institute MIAMI-MANAUS service
June 14, 2012 using 160-seat B737-800s (16C/144Y)

American is seeking 10 of the 28 frequencies that become effective on October 1, 2011. The Department’s policy is to grant limited-entry authority to carriers with firm service plans. See Notice of Action Taken, DOT-OST-2007-28057, June 29, 2007. American has firm plans to operate the Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, and Manaus flights described herein. Our request for allocation of 10 weekly combination frequencies is consistent with the March 18, 2011 MOC and with the public
interest, and should be granted on an expedited basis.

AA961 - MIA 1720 - 2235 MAO - 738 - 4x
AA964 - MAO 2340 - 0500+1 MIA - 738 - 4x

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